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The transition to middle school and high school is an exciting time that’s crucial for preparing teens for independence and the choices that go along with it. Serving the needs of our middle and high school members, our Student Ministry exists to help families grow through Jesus Christ. We encourage our students to walk with Christ by teaching them to love, serve and give as He did. Our studies are focused on building students up to be independent and reaching their full potential in Christ. We structure our curriculum to allow them to discover themselves and develop relationships.

We believe that participating in our main service and serving on Sunday mornings throughout the various ministries teaches our students a lesson in servanthood and prepares them for the next chapter of their lives.

Wednesday nights are all about our Students. We meet as a small group, where we go deeper into God’s Word and develop more meaningful relationships with one another. This is where our students learn to do life together. We often get together as a group after church as well and go do something fun together.

We have missions and serving opportunities geared toward this age group. We offer local outreach opportunities as well as global mission trips that give students the opportunity to get outside of their comfort zone and change the world around them.