Our vision is to be a growing community of faith becoming the hands, feet, and voice for Jesus transforming our region and beyond for the Kingdom of God.

Our Mission is to respond obediently to the Four Greats of Jesus:

  • The First Great Commandment – Love God
  • The Second Great Commandment – Love others
  • The Great Invitation–Follow Christ, which means to live like Him
  • The Great Commission – Lead others to follow Christ

Our Values: The Top Ten List

    We are…

  • Centered in the life-changing, sin-cancelling Cross of Christ
  • Created in the Holy Spirit to be holy & bring glory to God
  • Committed to discover, obey, & proclaim biblical truth
  • Compelled to defend that truth against false teaching
  • Commanded to love and serve one another; Commissioned to multiply disciples throughout the world
  • Challenged to begin in our region by planting new churches
  • Community focused in service and ministry; Culturally relevant in methods and style
  • Connected voluntarily to other Christian fellowships