What We Believe

Whether we agree or disagree, we are to accept one another in the love of Christ.

Our Mission is to respond obediently to the Four Greats of Jesus:

When it comes to our Statement of Faith, we agree with the ancient Christian philosophy: In essential beliefs we have unity; in non-essentials we have liberty; and in all our beliefs we show charity. In other words, we agree with most Bible believing Christians on the basic tenets of the Christian faith (read below), and allow for differences in interpretation on lesser matters.

Whether we agree or disagree, we are to accept one another in the love of Christ.

The Bible is our rule of faith and our guide for life. Though written by numerous authors over a period of two thousand years or more, the Bible contains an incredibly harmonious account of God’s work of salvation among mankind. The Bible, Old and New Testaments, has proven to be accurate in depicting history and authentic in revealing spiritual truth. We trust the Bible to direct us in how to live as Christ-followers. It is as relevant today as when the Holy Spirit breathed its message to the ancient authors and the ink was still wet upon its pages.

We believe in one God who reveals Himself to us in three personalities: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, often referred to as the Holy Trinity. God is the creator and sustainer of life. He is always present in creation, knows all things, and is all powerful. God is love, yet He is also a consuming fire. While we can know and love God intimately, we also have a healthy fear, or reverence, for His righteous judgments.

We believe that evil exists in the world and is inherent in every human being due to the sin of Adam, who chose to rebel against God’s word. Satan is a real being, a rebellious spirit cast out of heaven, and is presented in the Bible as the “ruler of this world,” meaning he has powers on this earth. However, Christians are not under his direct power and can resist him at any time. Satan may tempt, deceive, lie, and accuse, but he cannot make anyone do anything they do not first choose to do. Yet, everyone is born with a tendency to sin and rebel against God.

To rescue man from the curse of sin and death, God sent Jesus, as His only Son, to earth to take on the weakness and frailty of a human body. Being the perfect image of God in human form, Jesus lived without sin. He went to the Cross as the only sacrifice worthy to cancel man’s sin. As our substitute, Jesus won back our favored position with God and enables us to have restored fellowship with Him. This is our salvation that Jesus died for us to offer us eternal life. The book of Revelation is the biblical illustration of Jesus winning the final victory over Satan, evil, and death.

Jesus is God’s gift to the world; the Holy Spirit is Jesus’ gift to the church. The Holy Spirit brings sinners to repentance, and sets up residence in the life of everyone who receives Christ as Lord. It would be impossible to follow Jesus without the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives. As we grow in our relationship with Christ, we come to a point where we feel so inadequate that we realize we need more of the Spirit in order to continue on. This crisis in the Christian experience prompts us to pray to God to fill us with more of Him. This is sometimes called Sanctification, being filled with the Holy Spirit, being baptized in the Spirit, or recommitment. No matter what a person calls it, God always gives us more of Him when we ask. This is only possible when we empty ourselves, or die to self, to make room for more of God. The really cool thing about emptying ourselves, is that we only truly reach our potential, and the purpose for which we were created, when we are full of God!

The Holy Spirit gives gifts to us for ministry. These are not to be confused with our natural born talents. Spiritual gifts are God working through us to do the work of Jesus to build up His body–the church–in order to save lost humanity. These special abilities cannot be owned or manipulated. Of course, there are always counterfeits, but true gifts of the Spirit always build up other Christians and never exalt the person using the gift.

We also believe that the Bible reveals that there is really only one Body of Christ. Jesus does not have many bodies; only one. However, there are various expressions of His body via the different church organizations in the world. We believe that all Christ-followers are in the same spiritual family and all additional labels we add to this family are of no eternal value. Ah, it would be grand if we would experience the unity that God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit enjoy!

If you have questions about what we believe, please contact us.